On this page you’ll find a short summary of the history of News-Service.com and some important Usenet events.

  • 2011 – Ceased all operations due to court order. See Press Release.
  • 2010 – News-Service.com becomes Megabit-supporter of the digital civil rights organization Bits of Freedom.
  • 2009 – News-Service.com takes the #1 position as largest Usenet distributor worldwide. News-Service.com expands network with 10GE to Frankfurt, Germany. News-Service.com moves office to new location at Amsterdam-Zuidoost. A full newsfeed has now become over 5 Terabyte per day.
  • 2008 – News-Service Europe B.V. (News-Service.com) has taken over the network infrastructure from Support Net B.V.. News-Service.com announces binary retention upgrade to 160 days. News-Service.com ranks #3 in top1000.org.Move to new datacenter to facilitate future growth.
  • 2007 – News-Service.com announces binary retention upgrade to 85+ days. News-Service.com #4 in top1000.org. Full newsfeed has now become over 300 Mbit/s and over 3 Terabyte per day.
  • 2006 – Second 10GE connection to AMS-IX into production. New website online. Binary retention upgrade to 30+ days. News-Service.com in top 10 at top1000.org.
  • 2005 – Germany is largest growth market. Binary retention upgrade to 14 days. Backbone upgrade to 10GE and first 10GE connection to AMS-IX into production. Connection to other Dutch internet exchange point NL-IX online. Load balancer put into production. First RADIUS customer online.
  • 2004 – Foundation of News-Service Europe B.V. (Dutch incorporated company). Binary retention upgrade to 12 days and 30 days for some popular newsgroups. A full newfeed has become over 100 Mbit/s. News-Service.com expands Usenet platform for large Dutch ISP.
  • 2003 – Expansion of datacenter, cooling capacity and redundant power. Development of our own, open source, nntp frontend software. Large Dutch cable ISP chooses for News-Service.com.
  • 2002 – New credit card system for Personal Accounting into production. News-Service.com builds Usenet platform for large Dutch ISP (cable).
  • 2001 – Link to AMS-IX (one of the largest European internet exchange points) upgrade from FastEthernet to GigabitEthernet.
  • 2000 – Move to bigger datacenter and bigger offices. Credit card suppliers formally accept transaction through the Internet in the Netherlands.
  • 1998 – Launch www.news-service.com website. News-Service.com starts selling accounts by credit card. First News-Service.com reseller and first ISP customer online.
  • 1997 – Domain registration of news-service.com.
  • 1996 – Launch of News-only packages for Dutch markted sold by Support Net.
  • 1995 – Creation of nl-newsgroups.
  • 1979 – Birth of Usenet.